Top 10 best selling estate cars

The estate cars are one of the types of cars where they might be less attractive than other types of cars. But nowadays the modern estate cars are good looking and are similar to other types of cars. The estate cars are not meant for exposing that they are bigger cars but they are used in representing that they are available in affordable price. The Top 10 estate cars are rated depending upon the customer satisfaction.

10. Volkswagen Golf Estate (2009)

They are the seventh generation golf which has been launched recently but his model is while away yet. But this car is has plenty of many offers in it they are purely a family dependable car. Where they consist of several features these features include larger space, improved fuel efficiency, improved fuel economy etc. They are at an affordable price than other types of ordinary cars.


09. Jaguar XF Sport brake (2012)

They are another one type of estate vehicles where this vehicle does not stick with the ‘estate’ due to the name jaguar has made it grandeur and attractive. They are expensive estate cars where they have enormous features involved in it. These features include a remote controlled fold lever which is mounted on the rear seats. It has an attractive body design on its exterior view and also a good neat interior finishing.


08. SEAT Ibiza ST (2010)

Turning a small hatchback into an estate may not seem like an obvious move but it’s proved popular for the likes of Skoda and SEAT. The latter has the Ibiza ST which was facelifted in 2012 and now costs even less. Not only is it practical with a 430-litre boot but it’s cheap to run with economical engines including the 1.2 TDI.

2011-Seat-Ibiza-ST-Black-Front-Side-View (1)

07.Audi A4 Avant (2008)

Audi may have launched new models like the A1 and Q3 in recent years but it’s the bread and butter models like the A4 Avant which remain at the core of its model range. The estate A4 is a great all rounder and unlike its BMW and Mercedes-Benz rivals, is available with quattro four-wheel drive for added traction and security.


06.Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer (2010-)

The neat looking Astra Sports Tourer is a practical estate. It has a usefully large boot that can accommodate up to 500 litres of luggage (and anything else you want to throw at it) which is more than similar size estates such as the Ford Focus and Renault Megane Sports Tourer. However it can’t match the Ford for quality. -

05.Hyundai i40 Tourer (2011)

Hyundai isn’t the first name that springs to mind when you think of estate cars but the i40 could change that. It has plenty going for it with a good quality interior, a large boot and some very efficient engines. Plus like all Hyundai modes it comes with a five-year unlimited mileage warranty as standard.


04.Honda Accord Tourer (2008)

The Honda Accord is a good example of a practical estate that manages to still look sleek and anything but boxy. It also feels solid and well built both inside and out and although it’s hampered by a limited engine range it does come with the excellent 2.2 i-DTEC diesel – one of the best diesels around. -

03.Audi A6 Avant (2011)

The A6 Avant is everything we’ve come to expect from Audi with a luxury interior, advanced technology and impressive refinement on the move. Then there’s the 565-litre boot which can be equipped with a tailgate that automatically opens when you swing your foot under the back bumper.


02.BMW 5 Series Touring (2010)

This is the fourth generation of the 5 Series Touring and it has the largest ever luggage capacity with 560 litres. There’s more to it than boot space though, like the saloon version it’s great to drive and handles superbly well for a car this size with a suspension set-up that balances body control with a supple ride.


01. Skoda Superb Estate (2010)

The Superb is one of the best cars on the market so it’s no surprise that it’s proving to be the most popular estate on the site. It has a huge boot along with acres of rear legroom that can rival a Mercedes S-Class. Add in some strong engines like the impressive 2.0 TDI and this is a great all-rounder.