Automotive industries and their benefits

In our world there are huge numbers of automotives where the usage of these automotives is day by day increasing. The increased consumption or usage of automotives has resulted in establishment of number of automotive industries. These industries are widely spread among various parts of the world. They also serve as one of the leading industries to provide high employment benefits and it also serves as place for adopting new innovation and technologies.  There are various technologies which are developed in this industry only for the benefits of mankind.  The countries such as India, china, japan and Germany consist of number of automotive industries than other countries.

These industries are erected for the purpose of production of huge variety of automotives such as cars, bikes, trucks etc. There are certain industries which involves in production of all types of automotives and some industries only produce any one of the categories of automotives. The design and manufacturing is not only a part in these industries but also they involve development, marketing, selling, maintenance etc. There are number of industries which come under the category of automotive industry. These industries may be developing only a small or less important part which is involved in the construction of automotive then these industries also comes under the category of automotive industries.

Such types of industries which come under this category also provide number of employment opportunities for the humans. Hence thus these industries provide help for humans either directly or indirectly.  These industries generate lot of money and profit because of the demand or increased in consumption of vehicles for certain purpose such as transport, entertainment, army, sports etc. Thus many companies which perform various tasks are now showing an increased interest in investing their money in establishing automotive industry.

Each and every automotive industry consist of various departments in them each department has certain individual work function in it. Let us discuss the function of these departments in detail below. The first and the foremost process involved in this industry is the designing of the model which has to be constructed. This design procedure involves creation of model by using 2 dimension and 3 dimension drawing. Then these models are approved by group of experts who has more experience and knowledge in the field of developing. These models are approved and passed though the next stage where it is called as developing stage. Where this stage involves the implementation of this model by means of adding the help of various other people for making chases, engines and then involves installing various accessories in it for improving the quality.

Then they are send for the R&D approval hence thus after proper approval they are manufactured with the help of man power as well as a new technology called robotics. Then the next stage is the marketing stage where they involve the help of marketing executives and advertisement. Thus they are sold with the help of pervious stages of operation. The final process involved or performed by automotive industry is the maintenance.


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