Automotives and its impact

The word automotive is not only a word but it also serves as a soul for many human beings. The automotive is one of the greatest creations of the humans. Where it had a drastic development in recent years and a number of new inventions and various technologies have been implemented in it. They are only field where number of new inventions are done day to day. They are one of the important causes for developing jet engines which serves as the one of the greatest creation of this century. Without these jet engines the space travel would have been the dream for the humans and no means of any space research could be done at present.

The automotive serves as a major platform for developing a certain new branches of engineering such as aeronautical and aerospace engineering. They are the combination of both mechanical and electrical engineering. One of the most important part in it is their design. The design plays a vital role because any problems in it may lead to failure of the automotive. At first automotives are created only for the purpose of transport. They are used for travelling from one place to another at earlier periods travelling to longer distances has been impossible but after their creation it has made possible. There are then partially transformed for the purpose of entertainment and after certain period they became one of the part in army where they are used for the purpose of destruction and transportation. Gradually they have been used for the purpose of sports such as racing. The cars and bikes are the most important part of automotives.  They are used in large numbers at present due the increased attention from all forms of people. The use of them can be varied from rich persons to poorer persons. They also serve as status symbol for the rich persons. There are number of automotives which are known for its royalty look and status appearance. They serve as most important profitable industry at present. Hence numbers of automotive companies are widely spread among various parts of world. These industries also serve number of employment opportunities to many people. Number of companies holds plenty of shares in this industry. They not only provide employment but also serve as a place for new inventions and creations.

They also involve number of features and steps in it. The most important aspect in designing is the safety, dynamics of vehicle, performance criterion, fuel or economic emissions, cost of production etc. They not only involve car and bikes but also various types in it such as buses, trucks, ships, aero plane, trains etc. They are one of the major reasons for the development of mankind. Thus they have number of advantages in it and they are widely spread. They have one major drawback at present due to increased usage the emission rates has become higher which in turn causes higher degree of pollution. Thus in order to avoid this problems number of new technologies has been developed.


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