Automotives and sports

Automotives are one of the best creations of humans where they are used only for transportation in earlier days. But then certain changes and ideas has been developed in the humans one of such idea is to implement automotives in sport in the form of racing. The habit of racing was presented in humans from their earlier stages of life. But they used only animals for the purpose of racing because they had no any ideas about automotives and their capability. Then after certain period people founded out that the automotive can be used for racing. This is made possible only because of the invention of gasoline engines. Various types of racing in automotives can be done using cars, bikes, trucks, planes, boats etc. Each and every type of automotive has number of categories or types of racing in it. Where they are varied according to the vehicle that is used, track where it is driven and the task which has to be completed.

Let us discus different forms of racing involved in different types of automotives in detail. There are various types of racing involved in cars. They are street racing, formula 1 racing, touring car racing, sports car racing, production car racing, one make racing, stock car racing, drag racing, off road racing, rally etc.

In case bikes there involve various forms of racing they are motorcycle grand prix,  super bike racing, super sport racing, endurance racing, true road racing, motocross, super cross, super moto, cross country racing, Hare scramble, cross country rally, speed way, grass track, ice speed way, board track, auto race, drag race etc.

Truck racing is another one of the type of racing which uses either pickup trucks or heavy loading trucks. They involve most of the races in desert and off road regions. Thus they are another one of the type of automotive racing

The Air Racing is another one of the important type of racing which involves usage of variety of planes where they are varied by means of their performance, type of engine, Task etc. There are number of competitions conducted in air racing, they are T6 air racing, biplane air racing, formula one air racing, Formula v air racing, sport class racing, Reno air racing, Red Bull air racing, aero grand prix etc. Thus the above are some of the types of air racing.

There are various types of races which are conducted in the motor boats. They can be made by altering the size, shape, the motor or engine specification etc. The motor boats which are used for the purpose of racing can be varied from one another by means of their design but the specification of them should be the same.

Thus the involvement towards racing has made the humans to create number of new forms of racing and thus they have become the career for many individuals and number of new professionals are involved in racing at present.


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