Top 10 best selling cars around the world this year

There are number of new varieties of cars which have been introduced by many manufacturers around the world. These vehicles has got number of good as well as bad reviews depending upon the quality, fuel efficiency, performance, pick up, cost of the vehicle etc. Thus depending upon the feedback’s given by plenty of users and also by means of analysing the sales of every individual we have made these cars to be top 10 best selling cars around the world. We have mentioned the name of the car as well as its starting price. The prices may be varied depending upon their models.

10. Honda CR-V($ 22795)

The Honda CR-V is one of the quality product from Honda where they are one of the leading manufacturer of automotive around the world. Where this vehicle is one of the type of compact SUV which offers more comfort in space an they are also consist of number of features in it such as fuel economics, power steering, bold and aggressive look etc. Certain new technologies has been implemented such command central 2.0 etc.

09. Honda Civic ($ 21864)

The Honda Civic is another one of the quality product from Honda where it is an sedan class. But their performance is up to its peak because of their engine performance. They provide an stunning look where their hood shape and front lamps perfectly mach each other. They also provide an certain feeling of driving an sport car. They also ensure perfect safety for the users and they also provide excellent fuel consumption. Thus due to these reasons they are one of the best selling car in this year.

08. Chevrolet Cruze ($ 23632)

Chevrolet cruze is another one of the best selling car in 2013 because of the following reasons. They have perfect finishing which makes them separated among various sedan classes in their look. They have excellent engine performance and pick up where you can reach the triple digit within few seconds. They also provide perfect comfort to the drivers where the suspension of this model is up to its peak which gives you an heavenly feel during driving.

07. Volkswagon Golf ($ 20000)

The Volkswagon Golf is one of the best small sized car which involves plenty of features in it. They are mainly preferred by many users for their fuel consumption and price. They have very good exterior styling which is very attractive. They look very lower and wider in the rear part. On perfect road conditions we can experience their quality. They are very attractive due to these reasons.

06. Ford Fiesta ($ 12699)

Ford Fiesta is one of the best selling cars because they have splendid advantages in them. They are representing the class of the manufacturer Ford. They are launched in an reasonable price with plenty of features in them such as electrically adjusted outside review mirrors, tilt steering, ABS, driver seat height adjuster, electric power assisted steering. Thus they are preferred more widely by many of the users or customers.

05. Toyota Camry ($ 41331 )

Toyota Camry shows purely it is an product of Toyota by means of their design and quality.Its interior gives you the perfect quality of luxury where each and every part is purely high in quality. They also gives the perfect look of solidity and sharpness in their design in case of exterior look. Many new features has been included in this model where these makes them purely one of the best vehicle to drive safely. There give better mileage than other type of luxury class of sedans.

04. Wuling Zhiguang ($ 8236 )

It is an inherited from all the previous vehicles of  Wuling series. They consist of variety of features such as  firmed metal plates, increased interior spacing, and superior quality. They are preferred more widely due to  their outstanding performance as well as reliability. They also possess Massive and heavy loading capacity with enhanced chassis and improved durability. They also provide comfort and user friendly mechanism. They also possess good interior decorations and high safety standards.

03. Ford F-Series ($ 23955)

Ford F-series are one of the type of pickup trucks which always represents the class of Ford these trucks also one of the best selling vehicle in this year due to number of benefits in them. These trucks are can be used either in on roads or off road areas due to their excellent suspension. The also clean and perfect finishing in their interior design and also in case of exterior design they have very rough and aggressive look. They are the combination certain important aspects in them they are torque, capability and Economic fuel conservation.

02.Toyota Corolla ($ 19984)

They are another one of the type of sedan class model manufactured by Toyota. They are one of the most important make in Toyota because number classes in this model are been an successful one because of their good reasonable price and more comfort features. Their interior decorations and exterior looks are good and the most important advantage of this model is the less fuel consumption. They also many other features as similar to that of other cars. Hence they are preferred more widely by many customers.

01. Ford Focus ($ 16,995)

Ford Focus is the top most best selling car in this year. They are mainly preferred by may customers because of their exterior looks which is similar to that of BMW. Then they are tuned for perfect and good fuel economy and then it has high power performance present in their engines. They provide us a sporty feel while driving better steering and good control over driving. They also has  excellent suspension and various technologies. They they are  the top selling car.